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Suisun History

Set on the banks of the California Delta in Solano County, Suisun City takes its name from the adjacent Suisun Bay, which in turn is named for the Suisunes, a Native American tribe of the area.

Beginnings in the Gold Rush Days

860. The Schooner Champion was just one of many that picked up wheat wharf side in Suisun City.Suisun City was established in the 1850s around the time of the California Gold Rush. During that time Suisun City's was the ideal location for commerce and transportation between the foothills and the bay area. The town was a beehive of activity; wagons, carts, buggies, cattle, horses and men filled the streets. In the 1850s, the principle business in Suisun City was the sale of grain. It was the shipping point for the very productive Vaca, Suisun and Green valleys. Schooners were constantly in Suisun Slough headed for San Francisco and Sacramento with their cargo. The buildings in Suisun City indicated its mercantile prosperity. Located in the center of town was a flourmill that was constantly operating. There were also blacksmith shops, tin shops, saddleries, carpenter shops and many other industries in operation. Suisun City was known in some circles as the mercantile center of Solano County.

Rail Service Comes to Suisun City

In 1869, the Transcontinental Railroad connected to Suisun City, expanding the region’s reach across the nation. It was the first train stop in Solano County, California, and continues as the county’s only passenger rail stop to this day.

Great Earthquake of 1906

A major milestone in the history of the entire Bay Area was the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Suisun City suffered little damage but didn’t escape the “jolt.” 1916: Suisun's Mayfield Hotel.Though Suisun City escaped physical harm, its good fortune didn't last. A fire swept through town a few months later, destroying about half the residential section, the train depot, the creamery, several packing sheds and other buildings. This fire changed the face of Suisun City forever.

Destination Suisun City

Today, the spirit of commerce is enjoying a renaissance in Suisun City. Popular restaurants dot the waterfront promenade area. Cyclists pose in front of Suisun's Arlington Hotel in the early 1900s.New business activity is brisk with several new dining establishments, an art gallery, and a 102-room hotel now open for business. The city is quickly becoming a popular destination for a day trip or even an overnight getaway. Activities abound for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Kayaking, fishing, bike riding, bird watching, hiking, Suisun Wildlife Center programs, and popular events are just some of the reasons that visitors are drawn to Suisun City from throughout the Bay Area and beyond.