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14 Apr 2010

Young Artists Benefit from Performances

By Amy Maginnis-Honey / Daily Republic

SUISUN CITY - Rachel Deatherage is excited. For the first time, she will have a concert to herself.Wednesday Club of Suisun

'I think it's going be to be amazing and awesome,' she said of her Sunday performance as part of the Wednesday Club's Young Artist Concert Series. >> Click for more show info >>

The series gives youth a chance to showcase their talents and earn some money. After expenses are paid, entertainers take home 70 percent of the proceeds. The Wednesday Club gets the remaining 30 percent.

This is the fourth show in a series that was born from decades of giving scholarships to local musicians.

Wednesday Club member Betty Catania was so impressed by the talent of last year's scholarship winners, she felt more needed to be done.

After getting the support of club presidents Penny Fisher and Caroline Elvrum, Catania started calling local music instructors and 'one thing would lead to another.'

Vacaville's Honeybee Trio were the first performers last October. More than 130 tickets were sold for the show.

Holly Stell performed in December to a full house. And, at a show on Super Bowl Sunday, the Will C. Wood Sylvan Tintinnabulists drew 80 people.

The series is very important to the youth, said David Barthelmess, a music instructor at Vacaville's Will C. Wood High School and director of the Tintinnabulists.

'It puts them in a situation different than a usual concert situation,' he said. 'They have been invited to be there. That in itself is an endorsement that what they do is valuable.'

The audience, he said, is there to listen.

'They want to hear what the kids have to do,' Barthelmess said. 'In the end, especially if it's a good concert, they get appreciated in a way they don't get (appreciated) normally.'

The money the Tintinnabulists earned will go toward training.

Deatherage's program is 'Ladies of Broadway and Opera.' Her voice teacher, Elaine Reynolds-Smith, helped her choose the theme.

'I wanted to do stuff people would like,' Deatherage said by phone. 'I didn't want to focus on the scholarly part with 'look what I can do.' '

Deatherage grew up in Vacaville and is studying at American River College in Sacramento.

Catania is already working on acts for when the series resumes in October.

'We want to keep it going,' she said. 'The goal is to make it so these kids can make some money, especially those who are college bound.'

Catania encourages young performing artists to contact her.

'If you have a talent that hasn't had a chance to be shown off, here's your chance,' she said. 'Play your piano. Bring your harp.'

>>Show and ticket information>>


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