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Suisun in the News

13 Sep 2010

Tony Lindsay, sans Santana, to Play Dimitri's

By Amy Maginnis-Honey, DAILY REPUBLIC

SUISUN CITY -Tony Lindsay had a pressing matter.
Tony Lindsay
Sound check was about 40 minutes away and he needed to iron a shirt for that night's show.

That he did as he talked about his career and upcoming show at Dimitri's Lounge.

Lindsay, who was the lead singer of Santana for two decades, still performs with the group when asked. He participated in recording Santana's 'Supernatural,' which sold 27 million copies and won nine Grammies, including Album of the Year in 2000.

He's also launched a successful solo career and toured with 'Dancing with the Stars.'

His solo act brings him back to Dimitri's.

'I like that type of atmosphere,' he said of the Suisun City club. 'With Santana we are always playing for huge audiences. I like that close feeling, where I can reach out and touch the people.'

The show, he said, will include some jazz and rock.

Lindsay doesn't plan on playing tunes from the CDs he's working on. He has one single recorded and another in the works. The first he plans on releasing soon.

The order of release, he added, is 'going back to the old way.'

'You'd buy a 45 (rpm) and get an A side and B side. The album would follow a few months after that. Then another single would be released,' he said.

And, with fewer record companies, many artists are releasing their works on the Internet on websites such as CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon. Lindsay likes it that way, adding that he purchased complete albums after hearing a single of two, only to discover the rest of the recording didn't live up to what he heard.

He's in no hurry to finish the CD.

'I want to carefully work my lyrics and melody. I want tunes that could be classics. I want songs that have staying power,' Lindsay said.

Lindsay has no intention of slowing down as he nears his 56th birthday.

'I have to keep working. I (have) to keep in shape in some kind of way. I don't want to sit at home for a couple of weeks. I want to be in tune with what's going on,' he said.

Lindsay's first Dimitri's show in January was very memorable, he said.

'There was a great crowd. City officials were there. I think the mayor came through.'

The venue is great for adults, he added. 'There are tons of clubs out there, but when you walk in there are kids in there and you feel like you are walking into a high school dance,' Lindsay said. 'We need our own place where working folks can go.'

Lindsay just returned from Santana's two-week Vegas run and reported the place was packed every night. At the end of the month, he leaves for a European tour with Santana that will carry him through the month of October.

And, in January 2011, it's back to Vegas.