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Suisun in the News

05 Nov 2009

Suisun Marsh a landscape of learning

 Suisun Marsh a landscape of learning

By Barry Ederling, Daily Republic

Suisun City - Grange Middle School sixth-graders Carlos Rios and Katie Gillman helped give the tea-colored water in a Suisun Marsh slough a quick check-up on Wednesday.

They held a thermometer in a white bucket of the water.  the temperature was 59 degrees, which qualified as a "good" ranking.

Then Gillman peered into a four-foot-long tube filled partly with water.  Rios slowly drained the water until Gillman could see a disc at the tube's bottom.  That gave the water a "good" ranking for turbidity.

Rios and Gillman are among the more than 500 students from 18 cleasses who have visited or will visit the Rush Ranch open space preserve in Suisun Marsh this October and November.  They're taking part in a program developed by the Solano Resource Conservation District.

Marianne Butler of the district wants to make the marsh and its 115,000 acres of sloughs, wetlands, hills and tules more famous in its own backyard.

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