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Suisun in the News

05 Dec 2009

Santa in Suisun City: Boats Draw Revelers

By Susan Winlow | Daily Republic | December 05, 2009 21:39

SUISUN CITY - While the snow was missing, there was a definite nip in the air Saturday night as people lined up three deep and elbow-to-elbow to catch a glimpse of the lighted boat parade and the tree lightening at the Suisun City waterfront.

Some were there, however, for the sole purpose of seeing the funny man in the red suit.

'That's Santa,' said Emily Libal, 5, as she sat on her dad's shoulders. 'It's Santa. It's right there.'

She was pointing to Santa's boat, lit up like a sleigh, as it brought up the rear of the boat parade. Festively boats with multi-colored lights and Christmas decorations cruised around the marina as thousands watched.

The Libal family, of which there was about 20, came mostly from the Sacramento area to join a Suisun City family member. Emily simply wanted to see Santa...

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