While the main event is always the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Claus with the lighted boat parade and the lighting of the Christmas tree, one of the biggest attractions is the synthetic ice skating rink right on the waterfront.

Children and adults alike could be seen skimming around on the slippery surface from the early afternoon into the evening.

"It's just great for the kids," said Michelle Brobick, who brought her three children, Corey, 13, Christina, 8, and Adam, 3, from Fairfield.

With wide grins on their faces, Corey and Christina made lap after lap around the rink.

"On real ice you go faster, which helps with your balance," said Corey. "But it's still fun."

There was no shortage of things to see or do with outdoor performances by Missouri Street Theater youth and the Solano College Teen Touring Company. There were even train and horse-drawn carriage rides.

One area that saw a lot of attention was inside the giant white tent at the corner of Main and Solano streets.

Inside were more than 20 trees decorated by various nonprofit and community service groups to be auctioned off.

All of the trees were intricately decorated, some with origami swans and others, like the one from the Assist-A-Grad Scholarship Foundation, with over 200 eggs that had been hollowed out and made into little Santa faces, each one unique.

For more than 40 years, Assist-A-Grad has been offering scholarships to graduating seniors in the Fairfield, Suisun, and Travis Air Force Base area, according to Bea Moretti, one of the foundation's volunteers who helped decorate the tree.

The tree and its 274 eggs took weeks to decorate.

"And they all have different faces," said Moretti. "We had a ball."

Suisun Councilman Mike Segala was also present at the auction, keeping an eye on the tree that the Kiwanis Club of Suisun City entered in the auction.

Segala, a Kiwanis member and downtown business owner couldn't be more pleased with the way the day had shaped up and how the city's annual holiday celebration has grown over the years.

"Staff and local business have worked together to make full use of the north basin and this is no longer confined to one area. Now everyone is everywhere," said Segala.

Also nice to see were people patronizing the slew of restaurants and new businesses that have cropped up in the downtown area, a section of town that has seen positive growth in the last several years.

"It's about community. Everybody coming together with the vision of having a good time," said Segala.

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