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Suisun in the News

03 Dec 2009

Synthetic ice rink returns to Suisun

By Ian Thompson | DAILY REPUBLIC | December 03, 2009 16:40
SUISUN CITY - Last year's popular synthetic ice rink is returning to the Suisun City waterfront today, bigger and better than it was before.

The 240-square-foot rink opens at 5 p.m. for a 10-day run at Harbor Plaza, one day before the city hosts its largest Christmas on the Waterfront event yet.

'There is nowhere else that you can skate outdoors right on the waterfront than in Suisun City,' spokesman Scott Corey said. 'It will be terrific family entertainment that we are happy to have back.'

The rink's opening starts off 10 days of events that include the Colors of Winter exhibit at the Lawler House Gallery, the Christmas Market around Harbor Square and the Holly Stell concert at the Wednesday Club at 2 p.m. Sunday.

A 90-square-foot rink was installed for a three-day run last year by Canadian-based BH Skating Parks International. It proved to be such a success that Suisun City asked for a larger rink this year...
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