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Suisun in the News

07 Aug 2012

Suisun City fireworks sales raise enough for next year’s show

By Ian Thompson, Daily Republic

SUISUN CITY — Suisun City made more from its fireworks sales to pay for next year’s fireworks show than it cost to put on this year’s fireworks show, according to Suisun City Manager Suzanne Bragdon.

“This tells me that we have enough money to do (the fireworks show) next year,” Bragdon said.

Suisun City collected $58,639 from its 52 percent share of the profits from the three fireworks stands the City Council approved to sell fireworks for Independence Day. It got an additional $24,987 from the 12 percent surcharge the city put on the sales, according to figures released Monday by Suisun City Hall.

Late last year, Suisun City canceled nearly all of its public events because the redevelopment funding that paid for much of the events was taken by the state. In response, the Suisun Community Services Foundation was created to raise money to pay for a smaller Fourth of July fireworks festival this year and the City Council approved selling fireworks at three stands in town to raise money to pay for future fireworks shows.

This year’s show cost between $38,000 and $40,000 to put on. Bragdon said the city will have to increase security next year because the same number of people who attended the larger shows or previous years, showed up for this one.

“The citizens stepped up. It was the community that did it and that was a good thing,” Suisun City Councilman Sam Derting said of the foundation’s fundraising for this year and the turnout to buy fireworks.

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