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31 Aug 2010

Review: Howard Hewett Delivers at Dimitri's

Howard Hewett delivers at pair of Dimitri's shows

By Deon Price | Special to the Daily Republic

SUISUN CITY - When you think of some of the most prolific vocalists in R&B, it would be difficult not to consider Howard Hewett as one of the best.Howard Hewett

His impression on soul music has expanded for nearly 30 years. From his early days as the soft and smooth lead tenor from the trio group Shalamar, to his solo projects that propelled him into musical stardom, Hewett is one of the few remaining iconic voices in R&B.

Appearing at the relatively new Suisun City hot spot Dimitri's Lounge, which is nestled near the marina, Hewett's anticipated presence generated a buzz of excitement in the Fairfield-Suisun community. The two sold-out shows are indicative of what Dimitri's Lounge has discovered to be the filling of a much-needed venue for the 'Grown and Sexy' crowd.

During a brief interview prior to the show, the very humble and approachable Hewett shared how he particularly enjoys the intimate atmosphere of the particular location.

'It gives me the opportunity to connect with the audience emotionally,' he said.

You often wonder as performers advance in age whether they can still deliver with the same potency as they did in their prime. Is the voice still as crisp and sharp?

Well, those questions were answered for me during the sound check. The eager patrons at Dimitri's were also cleared of any doubts as the 55-year-old Hewett blessed the 200-plus crowd, at each show, with his classic ballads 'Show Me' and 'Real Enough' to start the set.

His delivery was very smooth and soulful. Demonstrating complete command of his instrument, his voice, he displayed the vocal professionalism of a well-trained, experienced musician.

The place was crowded yet comfortably filled to capacity. Those who arrived early enough to secure the tables up front near the stage were treated to up-close-and-personal interaction as Hewett serenaded, danced with and even endeared a few of the females within his reach.

He spent most of the performance in the mix of the crowd, barely using the well-decorated stage.

He generated even more of the crowd's participation as he performed his greatest hits such as 'A Night to Remember' and 'For the Lover in You.'

No one seemed to mind as the unity and enjoyment of the familiar hits saturated the crowd as they accompanied Hewett.

Those in the audience openly displayed their appreciation for the soulful and heartfelt performance of Hewett.

As a closer, he ended with the spiritually inspired classic tune 'Say Amen.'

To top off his performance with more personal interaction, Hewett also signed CDs, posters and took pictures with fans as they exited Dimitri's Lounge.

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Deon Price is a freelance writer and youth advocate who lives in Suisun City. He can be reached at